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Welcome To Serene Scents

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We Thank You For Your Purchase!

Welcome To Serene Scents

We Thank You For Your Purchase!

Why Choose Us?

We were born as a company specializing in Mental Health Blends. We saw a need for quality oils and expanded the Brand to carry quality everyday mixes. Our oils are organically sourced and are very versatile to use.  Our mission is to bring you joy in a bottle. 

What We Offer

Clean, Clear Oils that are specially mixed by hand.

Our oils are 100% Pure Essential Oils, No fragrance oils or Synthetics.  We are also Organic, and source oils from around the globe.

We went up against Thieves & Youngliving and was found to be the peoples choice. 

We are so confident that you will love us That 



The Owner

Diagnosed with Bi-Polar2, Major Depression, Anxiety & PTSD.  Calm was the first blend that was created, eliminating the need for multiple viles, in stressful situations.  On her journey she made blends that lifted her spirit, get her out of bed, or was considered  "pretty" . She enjoys being in the lab mixing and creating new scents. If a blend isn't "right" it doesn't make the catalog, so rest assured only the best makes the list. She loves to learn and perfect the craft, so more scents will be added in the future.

Pictures of our versatility, our booth at a local fair, products we offer and the owners first creations.

What We Carry

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Lemon piols

Oils We Carry

Our Oils Are 100% Organic And Can Be Used In A Ton Of Different Ways. In Oil Diffuser, Oil Burners, Soft Surfaces, Candle & Soap Making Hair Products, And Around The House As Cleaning Products.  Special Blends Are Made For PTSD  Anxiety  Depression   And Major Depressive Disorder.  They Can Be Used For Calming Those With ADD AAHD  And Other Hyper Active Disorder

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Rollers Are An Easy And Handy Way

To Transport Oils. Now Instead Of 4,5,or 6 Different Scents In Your Bags You Can Carry And Wear One Of Our Special Blends.

They Can  Be Worn On The Skin, Arms Or Neck,  Or Carry For A Touch Up.

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Spritzers Can Be Used On Soft Surfaces. They Can Be Used In Your Car On Cloth Seats Or Rugs.  They Can Be Used On Curtains, Fabric Couches, Bedding, Pillows and Of Course On The Body As A Body Splash.

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Do Not Give To Children.

Do Not Eat.

Do Not Use On Sensitive Skin.

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How To Guide

Oils: Add To Unscented Lotions, Massage & Carrier Oils to make Skincare Products. Add to Unscented Shampoos, Conditioners, Face and Body Washes. 

Use as Beard or Aftershave Oil. 

Create your own Organic Products, Safe for Candle and Soap Making

Add a few Drops To Bath Water and Enjoy an Inviting Bath.

Safe to Diffuse in Home around Babies and Pets.​

Great for Dorm Rooms and Offices.

Yoga and Meditation Studios.

Gym and Locker Rooms.

Can be Burned/Flashpoints see specified Degrees

Sprays: Can be used as Air Fresheners in Home, Car, Dorm Rooms & Bathrooms. Safe for Rugs, Carpets, Shoes and Sneakers. Spray in Gyms and on Sports Equipment. They are TRUE ODOR ELIMINATORS, Rid WEED & Cigarette Smoke.  Spray on Bedding, Soft Surfaces, Or use as a Body Mist. Safe to use around Babies & Pets.

Calm Oil Is Very Unique

Add To Unscented Lotions and Massage Oils. Unscented Shampoos, Conditioners, Face and Body Washes.

Use as Beard or Aftershave Oil.

Create your own Organic Products, Safe for Candle and Soap Making

Add a few Drops To Bath Water and Enjoy an Inviting Bath.

Safe to Diffuse in Home around Babies and Pets.​

Great for Babies 6 Months and up. Add to Baby's Washcloth and Bath Water to Calm Fussiness.

Add to unscented Baby Lotions, Shampoos and Body Wash.

This Mix Can Also Be used on Ethnic Hair for Hot oil Applications, Root Treatments, and Braid Oil.

Good to Diffuse in Office as a Stress Reliever. Use for Yoga or Meditation in Home or Studios.

Can be Burned/Flashpoint 180 Degrees

Spray Can Be Used as Braid Spray

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A Few Reviews Are Listed Below


" I just wanted to let you know that i got a lot of compliments on how good i smell whenever i wear vacation. The scent stays on all day , it doesn’t go away. I will definitely place another order!!! METRO BOOMING"

        @_Zoeyah_  INSTAGRAM


"I use the dried linen on my couch and sheets and it keeps my stuff smelling good especially with a dog around. These oils are amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who I know. I haven’t tried all the scents or flavors but plan to in the near future. Thanks Serene Scents"

   @yaboyodeezy  INSTAGRAM


"I'm a smoker and the Citrus is so good as a order buster I can now smoke in the garage and do a few spritz in the air and it does the job, will definitely try them all.

  @twon1022  INSTAGRAM 


"I'm a local customer and tried them all, no matter what set I get I'm happy with. They all smell great but my fav is Laundry Day. I'm a happy Customer."

 @mayra_harrison  INSTAGRAM

Oils That Soothe

Our Oils Are Usually Cold Pressed, Which Is The Best Way To Extract

The Essence Of The Oils.

 Our Oils Come From ​All Over The World So We ​Can Give You The Best Product.

Not Happy With US

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Serene Scents


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